About us

Welcome to Dental Amaze Academy, your premier destination for NEET/INI-CET MDS Entrance Coaching. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Abdal Rehman, in his first year of MDS OMFS after securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 120 and a State Rank of 24 in the NEET MDS Exam 2019, and AIR 49 in AIIMS MDS 2019(Nov).

Our Story

Our story traces back to the moment when Dr. Abdal Rehman completed his BDS in 2012 and set his sights on an international dentistry career. He successfully cleared the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) exam in his first attempt, kick-starting his dentistry journey in Dubai. Subsequently, he prepared for overseas licensing exams, including ORE (UK), NBDE (USA), and NDEB (Canada). Through this rigorous preparation, he discovered a common thread – the fundamental concepts and exam patterns shared across these international exams. Driven by this realization, Dr. Abdal Rehman turned his attention to India’s most competitive dental exam, NEET MDS. In his first attempt in 2018, he secured a commendable All India rank of 511, all while juggling clinic work and dedicated study. This experience was an eye-opener – NEET MDS, too, followed the same core concepts, differing mainly in difficulty level and more focus on medical subjects than its international counterparts

Our Mission

Dental Amaze Academy was born out of Dr. Abdal Rehman’s strong belief that NEET MDS Exam is conquerable with a clear understanding of its pattern and systematic learning of basics and core concepts . In 2019, with just 45 students, the academy took its first step, and six of those students secured admissions to government colleges and some in to private dental colleges.

Today and Beyond

Dental Amaze Academy has expanded its footprint across India, reaching dental colleges in every state. Our state-of-the-art app equips aspiring NEET MDS and INI-CET MDS candidates with everything they need to succeed – lectures, live sessions, test papers, Mock exams, notes, guidance, practice questions, and more. Join us on this remarkable journey of excellence and unlock your potential to conquer your MDS dream.